Our Nursery Program:

6 weeks to 2 years with up to 8 children per day. We aim to provide a home-away-from-home for our families, with an atmosphere that is relaxed and nurturing, and caters for the individual needs of our babies.

At Hamilton House Early Childhood Centre, our Nursery Program is very sensitive and flexible to each child’s needs. We encourage our staff to spend time with our babies giving them one-on-one experiences-holding, talking, looking and smiling, sharing books, play materials and playing together as an important part of your little one’s day.

A variety of sensory experiences-chances for exploration in the 5 most important areas of touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing, a day does not go by without these experiences. This is a very busy time for your baby as they are busy discovering new things about themselves and those around them. Our Educators will provide both encouragement and a safe, secure environment as your child develops self-confidence. Our program includes a variety of stimulating activity through the use of natural materials and spontaneous experiences, small group interactions, quiet time, free-play and independent exploration.

There are a variety of experiences to encourage self-motivated discovery, which include:

  • Home Corner/Dramatic Play Area.
  • Indoor and Outdoor motor skills activities for developing strength and agility.
  • Blocks and Manipulative Experiences for developing coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills. They also explore concepts of size, colour matching, proportion, shape recognition.  
  • Sensory Exploration to discover the world around them.
  • Language and Music Time to develop language and literacy skills, and an introduction to singing, rhythm and movement.